Monday, August 3, 2009

I got some fun new toys in the mail that other day and I can't wait to try then out!! My new toys are the i . top build a brad! I think that I will be saving money with this new toy I wont have to buy the matching brads any more or have to worry that they sold out!! Now I can make matching brads with my scraps!!!


  1. I've seen think it's a worthwhile toy then? I get so many things I end up just not using so I like to get a good recommendation b4 I buy something else!

  2. congratss!! OOh... let us know how you like your new toyss!!
    with a grin,

  3. Hi Kathy :)

    Thanks for dropping by at my blog :) and for the nice comment. Enjoy your new toy tool and have fun! im still thinking whether to buy me one of those... let us know your experience using that. Happy scrapping!